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Your guide to controlling debt and unlocking financial freedom.

Jack McColl

Credit Stacking is building multiple lines of credit in a specific order, allowing the borrower to access larger lines of credit. Achieving faster access to building your business, strengthens your relationships with the bank, and gives you additional benefits like 0% interest.

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Credit Stacking

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Approved 0% Business Credit in 2021

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Approved 0% Business Credit in 2022

Our members have a combined total of


in approved credit, and we’re just getting started. 

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The Credit Stacking community has been growing at record-breaking rates with more room to grow. We aim to have our map completely covered in the next six months! 

*Data voluntarily reported by members of the Credit Stacking community for approved credit between June 2022 and May 2023.

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Step into a seven-week course where you will learn everything from how to build business credit, which cards to apply for, intelligent ways to stack your credit and get approved for large sums of 0% interest money, and more!

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Learn skills from credit experts to become a credit expert yourself. Jack and his team have tailored this course to help you get the highest credit spending limits fast. 

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You don’t have to do this alone! The Credit Stacking community is dedicated to helping all of its members win. Take the lessons you learn, and start credit stacking today. Then get support or bounce your ideas off of the incredible community.

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True Community

Credit Stacking reaches beyond what you learn in the class, community members teach and encourage each other to achieve their best business selves.

World Class

Seven weeks' worth of top-tier content focused on helping you take the first steps into Credit Stacking. It took our team months of research, scripting, filming, editing, then editing again. This is not only the best thing we have ever released (and man are we proud of it), this is the best education on credit that is available on the market today.

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Order Jack's Book
Credit Stacking: Accelerate Financial Freedom with Business Credit 

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Jack McColl has accessed multiple six figures in credit lines. He's funded multiple business startups with this money, and he's shown thousands of other entrepreneurs how to do the same thing. You can trust that the Credit Stacking education is in a class of its own, taught by industry experts.


Our incredible hands-on mentoring program has helped students start successful companies in industries like eCommerce, Drop-shipping, Marketing Agencies, Fashion brands, Fund House Flips, and more!

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Thanks Jack McColl for putting together an awesome program! The Credit Stacking community is just plain awesome and there is so much value. I’m very glad I made the decision to be mentored by Jack!

- Matthew Z.


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