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About Jack

Jack McColl, the founder of Credit Stacking, scaled from zero business credit to $500k in approved credit in just over 1 year, which he has used to fund a variety of new businesses and investments. He now teaches his unique framework to over 350 entrepreneurs, helping them get access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of 0% interest capital so they start a business, scale a business, or finance any type of investment.

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What is Credit Stacking

Credit Stacking is the strategy of stacking multiple lines of credit in a specific order, allowing the borrower to access much larger lines of credit with additional benefits (like 0% interest).

Learn all about Credit Stacking today


Access a wealth of knowledge inside a 7 week course that teaches you everything from how to build business credit, to which cards to apply  for, to the intelligent ways you can stack your credit to get approved for large sums of 0% interest money.


Everything in this course is coming from vetted experts in the credit space. You can rest easy knowing that the lessons, resources, and assets are all certified from Jack McColl and his team with multiple six figures in approved credit lines.


Every great entrepreneur knows that you can't do it alone. That is where our massive community comes into play. Take the lessons you learn and start credit stacking today, then get support or bounce your ideas off of the incredible community.


A Family of Investors


World Class Content

7 weeks worth of world class content, all focused on how you can start credit stacking today. It took our team months of research, creating, filming, editing, then editing again. This is not only the best thing we have ever released (and man are we proud of it), this is the best education on credit that is available on the market today.

Expert Advice

Jack McColl has accessed multiple six figures in credit lines. He's funded multiple business startups with this money, and he's shown thousands of other entrepreneurs how to do the same thing. You can trust that the Credit Stacking education is in a class of its own, taught by industry experts.


Mentorship that makes a Difference 

Our incredible hands-on mentoring program has helped students start successful companies in industries like eCommerce, Drop-shipping, Marketing Agencies, Fashion brands, Fund House Flips, and more!.

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