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Your New Favorite Book About Credit

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Have you ever seen people online saying that schools should stop teaching us algebra 3 and instead, should teach us how to manage our credit?

Credit Stacking can teach you just that!

To be clear, it can really be a number of life-changing things. It’s:

  • A course to help you unlock financial freedom.

  • A guide to help you get the most funding for your business or LLC.

  • A community to learn from other like-minded entrepreneurs.

  • A fast pass to repairing your credit score and improving your relationships with the banks.

That sure seems like a lot. For some, it may be a bit overwhelming and they may feel they are not ready to jump headfirst into the Credit Stacking community.

So, for those who are interested in dipping a toe in the water before diving in, I want you to know about an option to get a taste of the Credit Stacking course.

The Credit Stacking Book

To give more people an opportunity to experience Credit Stacking at their own pace, I wrote and published my first book: Credit Stacking.

Like the course, my book goes over topics they never taught us in school like how to capitalize on the credit systems and get funding for your businesses.

Your chance of business success is dependent on whether or not you can get funding. A business that is properly funded or has more access to funding will be dramatically more successful than a business that is not.

So, you can do things the challenging way and teach yourself, or the successful way and learn from someone who’s already been through it.

My Credit Stacking Journey

When I was getting started in my business ventures, I took the challenging way. I self-funded my business and struggled my way to the top.

With my second business, I brought on an equity partner, they brought the money, and I did all the work. Again, the challenging way.

You’d think the third time was a charm, but I guess I still wanted a challenge because I got a business loan. I was learning about lending money… but I had to deal with interest.

It was on the fourth opportunity that I learned about the best way to fund my business: zero percent interest funding.

How Does Credit Stacking Work? Do I need it?

Credit Stacking teaches you how to use debt to your advantage. Whether it's trying to tame your credit score, get funding for your business or LLC, or how improve your relationships with the bank, Credit Stacking has a solution.

Credit cards and credit card debt have become such a taboo topic which is a shame because there are a lot of advantages to them if you use them wisely.

The key thing to take away from getting started with Credit Stacking is having a good relationship with your bank. The more trust you can develop with them, the higher your spending limit will be and the lower your interest rate. In my book, you can find out which banks we recommend investing in a relationship with and which banks you should avoid.

You can begin your Credit Stacking journey today by picking the book up at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Then, join us on the Credit Stacking community page on Facebook, and let us know what you think!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts.


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