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Who is Jack McColl? Follow the Financial Journey of the King of Debt

When people ask about credit stacking, they’ll wonder how I not only managed to get the amount of credit I have, but do so in just a year.

I talk a lot about personal and business credit and how to achieve enough to start your own business, start investing, or even live a life without the worry of finances.

But I didn’t achieve this from the start…

Who am I and How Do I Know These Things?

So who exactly am I?

Jack McColl, King of Debt and Founder of Credit Stacking

Well, I’m a graduate of the University of Washington, where I received my Bachelor of Business Admin, with a concentration in marketing.

I started my first business in 2011 and continued to invest and found other enterprises through the 2010s.

I had no idea about starting or even running a business and I knew even less about the idea of business credit that could’ve made building those businesses easier.

Like a lot of Americans, I wasn’t that confident or knowledgeable when it came to my credit score, how personal credit affected business credit, or what business credit even was.

When it came to business expenses and inventory, I was using my own money.

Every business owner and every entrepreneur knows that business is incredibly hard; nothing can happen overnight.

As people, we want to have things happen in an instant and become frustrated or angry when that doesn’t happen.

Guys, it took me a year to go from zero business credit to getting $500K in approved credit. But I had to make a lot of mistakes and learn a lot in order to obtain that.

How Credit Stacking Came to Be

I started my credit accelerator program, Credit Stacking, in 2020, during a year that saw a lot of people lose their jobs or their homes.

The global pandemic manages to deliver a lot of upheaval to a lot of people, businesses, industries, and more.

Your personal credit is so important, more important than people realize because it can open the doors to so many opportunities, including business credit.

Business credit can be hard to get, however the point of Credit Stacking is helping people achieve that dream of funding, investing, or starting a business without having to go bankrupt doing it.

The program itself sets out to:

  • Set your mindset towards achieving your financial dreams

  • Learn about the importance of personal credit and why and how it can affect your entry to business credit

  • Why business credit is so fundamental and what you can do with it

My current students have been able to get hundreds of thousands of dollars of credit with 0% interest to start a business, scale a business, or finance an investment.

I’ve been able to use the rewards from my business cards to travel and live in some of the most gorgeous places in the world.

Financial independence is something that is achievable; starting a business is achievable.

It’s only your mindset and your knowledge that’s holding you back.

If you want to learn more about business credit and how to use credit to your advantage, then sign up to join the community.

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