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What is Credit Stacking? Stack Your Way to Financial Success

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

As anyone who has ever started or tried to start a business knows, the true beginning is when you’re able to gain the capital needed.

This is not just to build up the business itself, but to also gather supplies and inventory needed.

Small businesses are a large part of not just the US economy, but the global economy – 90% of all global companies are small businesses.

99% of American businesses are small businesses.

Business credit use by small business

However, trying to get the capital to start a business or even invest in one can be challenging and something that tends to put people off from pursuing it.

I became an entrepreneur at a young age and while I’ve had a good run of success, I had to learn about financing and business credit.

Like a lot of Americans, I didn’t know much about credit – personal or business – and how there are many ways you can build up your finances, so you don’t have to worry about your future or the future of your family.

That’s the beauty of credit stacking.

What is Credit Stacking?

The concept of credit stacking is simple – it’s using a strategy of stacking multiple lines of credit in a specific way that allows a borrower greater access to larger lines of credit.

An example of this would be an entrepreneur using this method in order to get a higher credit line in order to fund a new business.

This method can also be used to invest in your business, real estate, stocks, and others.

What most people, especially those starting new businesses, aren’t aware of is business credit. Business credit, which differs from business or personal loans, can be used for business expenses, as well as:

  • have more flexibility than business loans

  • offer purchase protection, points, and rewards

  • debt consolidation at a lower monthly pay rate

  • come with 0% interest

I had no idea about business credit when I began my first business, so a lot of the expenses used came out of my own pocket, which is the case for many business owners.

Once I learned about it, however, I was able to maximize and take advantage of business credit to not only fund my other businesses, but travel throughout different parts of the world.

And I wanted to pass on that same knowledge.

What Does the Course Cover?

The course itself is 7 weeks, which covers the basics of:

While the course is 7 weeks, once you’ve concluded the material, you still have access to the tools, resources, and most importantly, the Credit Stacking community.

Guys, this community has not only used what they’ve learned in the course, but they’re also finding new avenues to build up their credit and access new limits.

If you’re looking to build up your credit, find ways to access business credit, or want to grow financially, then come join our community.

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