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What are The Best Credit Cards to Build Credit? Jack’s Top 4 Recommendations

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

When you’re starting your credit journey, one of the things you want to prioritize is ensuring you choose the best credit cards to help build that credit.

I’ve mentioned why you want to not only have the best credit score, but also a good banking relationship.

The reason for this is to get better approval odds and credit limits.

But not all credit cards are equal, and you’ll want to make sure that you are choosing the banks that will give you the best options.

In this series, I’ll talk about my top 4 recommended banks and their credit cards, the first being Chase Bank.

Best Credit Cards to Build Credit – Chase Cards

Guys, Chase bank is one of the best banks to get your credit cards from. I use them myself, for both personal and business banking and I can’t recommend them enough.

Chase is very heavy on their banking relationship, so at any point when you have a Chase checking account open, your approval odds for a credit card is increased.

They offer a variety of different cards, sophisticated online/mobile banking features, and an amazing membership rewards system.

Some of their best personal credit cards include:

  • Chase Freedom Unlimited

    • 1.5% cash back

    • 0% interest for 15 months

    • Can be redeemed for Ultimate Rewards points

  • Chase Freedom

    • 0% interest for 15 months

    • 5% cash back on rotating categories

    • Can be redeemed for Ultimate Rewards points

The Chase Freedom Unlimited is definitely my second favorite personal credit cards due to the options for rewards.

If you apply through the links above, you’re eligible to receive a $200 cash back sign up bonus.

  • United Club Card

    • 1.5 miles per $1 spent on purchase

    • 2 miles when spent on United purchases

    • Access to the United Club at airports

    • Eligibility for complimentary premier upgrades on domestic United flights when available

    • Up to 100k point sign up bonus if you’re able to spend $5k in the first 3 months

If you apply through the link above, you’re eligible to receive a 75k point sign up bonus

  • Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Card

    • 40k point sign up bonus for $1k spend within one month

    • 7500 anniversary points

    • 2x points on Southwest purchases

    • 1x points on everything else

    • No foreign transaction fee

    • $75 credit towards Southwest travel

    • 4 upgraded boardings per year when available

    • 20% back on in-flight drinks and WiFi

If you apply through the link above, you’ll be eligible to receive a 40k point sign up bonus

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve

    • 60k point sign up offer

    • 3x points on travel and restaurant

    • 10x points on Lyft rides + Pink (which gives you 15% off on rates)

    • $300 annual travel credit

    • $100 application fee credit towards global entry/TSA precheck

    • Priority Pass membership, with access to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide with free food and drinks

    • 50% bonus on Ultimate Rewards points when redeemed for travel

    • Pay-Yourself-Back feature

This is by far my favorite personal credit card because again, the amount of bonuses and rewards you get is amazing.

personal credit card to build credit

While Chase offers some great cards, there are some drawbacks, especially if you’re looking to get a business credit card.

First, is their Chase 5/24 rule, which means if you have 5 personal credit card accounts open within a 24 month period, you will be denied any card from Chase.

Unfortunately, this means any personal credit cards - if you do have 5 personal credit card accounts open, you’ll need to wait until at least one of these cards has aged out.

Thankfully, business credit cards are not counted in this rule and neither are personal auto loans or mortgages.

When it comes to Chase business credit cards, these are the best to apply for:

  • Business Ink Unlimited

  • Business Ink Cash

  • Chase Business Ink Preferred

Having a good banking relationship goes a long way when it comes to securing business credit cards from Chase.

These are best applied through a relationship manager, who can also help you narrow down a card that best suits your business.

When it comes to applying for Chase cards, keep these things in mind:

  • Only apply for two Chase cards at once.

  • Wait between 30-90 days before applying for a third card, so the bank can see the activity on the first cards that you’re approved for.

  • The more you spend and pay back, the better your odds are for your next approval.

  • Always apply for a Chase personal card first before applying for your Chase business card.

Chase is by far my favorite bank for issuing credit cards, but it’s not the only one. In the next part of the series, we’ll look at some of the cards being offered by American Express.

If you’re curious about how to grow your credit, then come join our community.


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