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Top 4 Business Credit Cards You Should Apply For

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

I’ve talked a lot about the vast opportunities presented by business credit, what the benefits are for using it, what you can do with it, and how to meet the requirements.

Here, I want to bring all of this together and give you some of my top favorite business credit cards you should absolutely apply for.

Jack McColl's Top 4 Favorite Business Credit Cards

When talking about business credit cards, there are four different types:

  • 0% interest cards, where there is no interest for the introductory period.

  • Revolving cards, where you are required to be paid back monthly.

  • Charge cards have no pre-set spending limit, but the spending power increases each month as long as it's maxed out and paid off.

  • No credit check cards, that only do a soft pull or analysis of banking activity before approval.

My favorite type of business credit card are the 0% interest cards, which are great to have because you don’t have to pay any interest, sometimes for the entire first year.

My favorite top 4 business credit cards are:

  • Chase

  • US Bank

  • American Express

  • Bank of America

Chase Bank, of course, is my favorite card for this type of business credit.

Remember though that Chase has a 5/24 rule, so if you have 5 personal accounts in the last 24 months, you will automatically be denied for any Chase cards.

You’ll definitely want to ensure that you stay under that 5/24 rule so you can apply for any of these cards:

  • Chase Business Ink Cash

  • Chase Business Ink Unlimited

The next business card that you’ll want to check out is the US Bank Business Platinum card. Like the above Chase cards, this also has 0% interest.

Just a quick reminder that business credit cards don’t report to your personal credit, so lenders can’t see what other lenders are offering you on the business side.

It also means that when you’re utilizing business credit, it won’t ding your credit score.

The next cards are from America Express, which is another great card provider and one that builds on having a great relationship with them. Some of their best cards are:

  • AMEX Blue Business Cash

  • AMEX Blue Business Plus

  • AMEX Platinum

The Blue Business Cash card is especially great because you can get a 3x limit increase if you request it.

AMEX is fairly good about increasing limits for their cards, making them a top contender to get business credit from the company.

Lastly, Bank of America’s Business Advantage business credit card.

This card gives 0% for the first nine months and also has a unique feature where you can select whether you get 3% or 5% cash back, depending on the specific category you choose for it.

These are my top favorite business credit cards for 0% interest, but you can also check out the Wells Fargo Platinum card as well.

In our next part, I’ll run down my list of top cards for revolving credit, charge cards, and no credit check required.

Stay tuned and in the meantime, if you want to learn more about getting access to business credit, be sure to join our growing community.


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