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Three Ways to Apply for Business Credit Cards

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Three ways to apply for business credit cards.

Credit Stacking only works if you know what cards to apply to get.

It's not best practice to apply for the first flashy card that comes your way. You need to be sure it's the right one for you and your business.

Today, I'm going to go over three ways to apply for cards:

  • In a branch with a business banker

  • Online

  • Over the phone

In a branch

When you just start up a business checking account, I would advise you to go into the branch, open up the business checking account, and deposit at least $5K into the account.

Then – unless it's a preapproval "soft pull" credit card – don't apply for any card on the spot. Especially if it's one requiring a hard inquiry.

Instead, I would advise you wait seven days after the cash you put into the account clears. Then go back into the branch and apply for that bank’s business credit card with that same banker for that bank's business credit card.

Make sure you're not applying for a card that requires a hard inquiry until seven days after that cash has cleared!


  • This will verify your information easier

  • Decrease the risk of fraud

  • Build your relationship with bankers and branches

Online applications

Out of all these methods, this is the least ideal way to go. Sometimes it works better for people's schedules, but this will take extra time and verification.

More often than not, you're going to get denied on an online application. What you'll need to do if this happens is to simply call the reconsideration line, you'll need to verify some information, they'll ask you questions about your business, things like that!

This isn't something you should take personally. This is a precaution taken to prevent fraud.

Also, if you're applying online, make sure your IP address matches where you are applying for your card. Meaning, if you're applying for a card in Florida, make sure you are on your computer in Florida. Don't apply for a card from out of state.

If you are out of state, just use a private VPN. This will help prevent your application from being pinged for suspicious activity.

Online Applications

  • Have the lowest approval odds

  • Usually, take extra verification

  • Make sure you use the same IP address as your home address.

Over the Phone

The best way to apply for a card would be over the phone with the bank's Relationship Manager.

It's the best of both worlds because you're able to work with someone in person who is more accustomed to working with business applications, and they also have a greater influence on whether you will be able to get approved.

This is only the tip of the iceberg: you can tap into much greater tips, hacks, and resources in the Credit Stacking course!

Plus, you'll get access to the community and live coaching calls that I personally host once a week.

No matter where you are in your credit journey, Credit Stacking is the most valuable asset for you to get the financial freedom you're looking for.


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