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How To Use A Hotel Credit Card

Having credit card debt can be a good thing. There's nothing to be afraid of. Having out of control debt and spending habits are what you should be worried about.

The reason why I'm so vocal about credit card debt is that it will result in you getting credit card points which can be used for some amazing deals and discounts.

So you can live a lavish, celebrity-status, lifestyle all because you carefully managed your credit card debt and applied the concepts we teach in Credit Stacking.

In this article, I'll teach you how hotel credit cards work. I'll also share with you some of my favorite credit cards to use for hotel points.

How do Hotel Credit Cards Work?

First thing’s first, you'll want to decide the bank you want to get your credit card with.

In my personal use, I prefer to use the American Express Business cards and Chase Bank personal and business credit cards. I'll get into why in a minute but for now, let's use American Express as our example.

If you qualify for the Hilton Honors card through American Express, you will get points if you use your credit card at participating restaurants and shops.

Once your card is activated, you immediately get promoted to "Gold Status" in your Hilton Honors account. This gets you great benefits like:

  • Room upgrades

  • Complimentary breakfast

  • Late checkout

  • Boosted points when using your card to book a Hilton room

Specifically, with the Hilton Honors card, you will get 12x points for every dollar you spend. This is great motivation to leverage your debt because once you enroll your card and are granted Gold Status, you are then able to work your way to Platinum Status.

With Platinum Status, you're entitled to:

  • Even better room upgrades

  • Gifts

  • Discounts at the restaurants

  • Even more point bonuses

It's really incredible!

So if you can plan ahead and use your hotel rewards credit card at participating shops, you can stockpile your points onto your hotel account. When you have enough, you can then turn around and use the points to get discounts on your hotel rooms or even get them for free.

If you're new to Credit Stacking, we're all about having great relationships with banks in order to get greater spending limits on your cards and zero percent financing.

The same principle applies to using your hotel credit card – the longer you use your card, the better your relationship will be.

Just be wise about how much and often you spend, control your debt, and you'll be living the hotel celebrity status in no time.

My Favorite Hotel Credit Cards

As I mentioned before, some of my favorite cards to use are the American Express Business card and the Chase Bank business and personal cards.

If you have a business and you qualify for a business credit card, I'd suggest the first card you apply for be the American Express Business card. This card gives you Gold Status with both Hilton and Marriott with benefits like:

  • Room upgrades

  • Late checkouts.

  • Free internet

  • Complimentary breakfast (Hilton only)

  • Bonus points on hotel stays

  • And more!

If you want to get specific with a hotel chain, I'd recommend the Hilton Honors American Express card and the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card.

These brands also offer personal cards if you don't have a business to qualify for the business cards.

Credit Stacking and Hotel Credit Cards

So remember, debt is not bad. If you are a responsible spender, you can reap the benefits of a hotel credit card.

All you need to do is sign up for the right credit cards that are aligned with the hotels you want to stay at and stockpile points at.

You can learn more about travel hacks and some of my favorite credit cards by joining the Credit Stacking Community.

Join the Credit Stacking community to learn everything from the best travel hacks to how to build business credit to get approved for large sums of 0% interest money.

Your celebrity status is waiting! Don't let the fear of debt hold you back from living your best life.


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