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How to Become an Influencer with Credit Stacking

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Stop wishing you could be an Instagram influencer and become one.

It happened to me so it can't be that hard. Right?

As a travel influencer I found the best way to gather followers is through:

  • Constantly traveling to exotic locations.

  • Flying first class to said exotic locations.

  • Getting first-class treatment at five-star hotels.

But how do you get to that point? It's not like you can stop your 9-5 and hop on the next plane to Mykonos, Costa Rica, or even Hawaii and hope everything works out. Even without a solid savings account, unless you get a full-time job where you can work from anywhere in the world. You will run out of money sooner than later.

The same thing can be applied to all influencers, including fitness, cooking, lifestyle, and makeup. Just to name a few!

Through my Credit Stacking mentorship, I can show you how you can use business credit to create a foundation to set yourself up to become an Instagram influencer.

How does Credit Stacking work?

Credit Stacking is the technique of building lines of credit with greater and greater utilization, or spending limits, and using that to your advantage to build your own company or brand.

Rather than taking out a loan from a bank or a private donor and dealing with interest rates, you're scaling your business or brand with a high-utilization business credit card that has 0% interest rates.

So you can scale and grow your entrepreneurial projects much faster and without having to wait for more cash to come in. Because business credit doesn't report against your personal credit score, you can max out a business credit card. Then pay it off in waves with the money that comes in from your business.

How to travel with Credit Stacking

One of the best benefits of using a business credit card is being able to use the points for travel. In fact, a majority of my trips are paid through credit card points. But it's all about getting the right cards.

In my Credit Stacking mentorship, I show you what cards I use to scale up my business ventures and which cards I use for travel. For example, I have a business card that gives you 4x points for every dollar you spend.

So when you are scaling your business through your business credit card, cash in on the points you earn to put towards airline miles and hotel points.

How do I become an influencer on Instagram with Credit Stacking?

You'll need to start by creating your own business or LLC and getting the right business credit cards.

Use the utilization you make on those cards to scale up your brand. Use it to pay for the equipment and software you need to create your brand and generate followers.

Then use the points from your cards to get tickets to exotic locations or on purchases in exercise or whatever niche you’re trying to break into. Be sure to bring your camera because you're going to get some seriously great pictures and videos for your reels. Be sure to use your credit card while you're out dining so you can get more points on your card for your next trip!

Now, obviously, this is a superficial overview of how this works. I go into greater detail in my Credit Stacking mentorship. I guide students in how to build relationships with the right banks and get a business card with high utilization.

But it is this easy. Stop wishing you were living the influencer life and start actually living it and become your own boss in the meantime.


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