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How I convinced David Meltzer to Join Credit Stacking

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

What would it take for you to consider a new product or lifestyle change?

They say people need about seven "touchpoints" before purchasing. I must have been lucky number seven for David Meltzer because he signed up for Credit Stacking after our conversation on his podcast.

Credit Stacking can seem intimidating because credit is intimidating. However, the most successful minds out there are learning the secrets and it’s paying off!

Here's my starting pitch that convinced David Meltzer to sign himself and a few of his kids up for the course!

This is a follow-up blog to one I wrote a few weeks ago so if you haven't read that yet.

How do you define "Credit Stacking"?

This was easy, I get asked this all the time.

Credit Stacking is the concept of getting approved for as much credit as possible.

If you sign up for the course, you can do it very, very effectively. A great by-product of the course is you can boost your credit score and achieve financial independence.

The great thing is, that this isn't something you use personal credit cards for. It's all centered around business credit. We teach you the things about the credit they don't teach you in high school.

So many people hop into the world of credit without "really" knowing what they're doing. There are usually two schools of thought,

  1. Don't get into debt.

  2. There's no limit to how much you can spend.

The people in the first category are in a better situation but are missing out on all the points and benefits that come from using your credit card.

I just finished a five-day stay at the Ritz Carlton in the Maldives and paid for my stay with my credit card points. There's so much untapped potential.

The people in the second category learn the hard way there are limits to credit cards and as a result, have to deal with high-interest rates and shot credit scores.

Credit Stacking can help you with both of those problems. We have methods to help you increase your credit score and obtain financial freedom.

Will I Ruin My Credit by Having Too Many Credit Cards?

As I mentioned, Credit Stacking is designed to ensure you're prepared to reach your stacking goals as quickly as possible.

In my experience, the more business credit cards I add, the better my score.

Financial freedom is achieved through strategy and planning. You need to be strategic with how you apply for your personal credit cards. Every time you apply, a check is run on your account either through:

  • Experian

  • Equifax

  • TransUnion

When I was getting started on my credit journey, I didn't know how the process worked with applying and how they reported to the different bureaus.

So, you can max those cards out, you can utilize them, liquidate that credit into cash and use that cash for different businesses, real estate ventures, or any type of investment.

There are so many advantages to using a business credit card. Take advantage of the opportunity, you don't need a business to get business credit cards. It all starts with having the right relationships with the right banks.

You can do the “Credit Thing”

The thing about understanding business credit is, that it's a game where you can't learn the rules anywhere else and you got to figure it out for yourself.

That's what I did and it was a grind! It definitely wasn't something I learned overnight. When I applied for my first business credit card, I was given a $5,000 limit. That's the lowest I've ever received. But I’ve only gone up from there.

Don't be discouraged. Credit Stacking is here to help fill in the gaps and guide you. If it's a worthwhile investment for David Meltzer, then I'm sure it's worthwhile for you too.


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