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Get Your Celebrity Status For Your Next Hotel Reservation

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Do you want a celebrity status the next time you travel?

In a recent blog, I talked about how I stayed at the Ritz Carlton in the Maldives for five days, completely free. It was all through the power of credit card points.

In my coaching videos and throughout the Credit Stacking mentorship, I talk about how you can use your relationships with the credit cards you're stacking as you learn to scale your business on 0% interest.

I wasn't able to do this because of my credit score or my net worth; it all had to do with my status with the hotels I was staying at.

Let me reiterate that: you do not need to be in the 1% to stay in a luxury hotel or fly first class. Anyone with the right credit score and a strategy to get the right business credit cards can do this.

How To Speed Up The Process For Your Hotel Status

Let's use Hilton for example.

Their membership tier is set up as:

  1. Member

  2. Silver

  3. Gold

  4. Diamond

If you were to just create a membership with Hilton you'd have to start at "member" status. After enough stays at Hilton properties you get promoted to Silver which offers more benefits. The same with moving to Gold and then to Diamond.

Don't forget, every time you move up in status, you increase the benefits you receive as a guest at those properties. This is a great incentive to continue with one hotel brand and build your relationships with them. If you are constantly traveling, it will probably be really easy to build your status with your favorite hotels.

But there's a fast pass to boost you to "gold" which can then catapult your relationships, your hotel status, and consequently all your other statuses.

When you get a credit card that's linked to a hotel, you can automatically start at a "gold" status. There's more power in this than you think.

Travel Tips with Jack McColl

When you travel, there's a good chance you're going to make three purchases:

  1. Airplane ticket.

  2. Hotel reservation.

  3. Renting a car.

If you have the right credit cards, you can rack up points quickly for luxury hotels and first-class on your flight, but you can't always cash in points on your rental car.

You don't want to be that person who flies in first class with a reservation at the Ritz Carlton and pulls up in a Jetta. Promote yourself from "tourist" status to celebrity status, just by using your credit card.

In my Credit Stacking mentorship, I teach our community members how you can use your hotel status to increase your status with other services like car rentals.

The short version of it is this: when you create your profile with a car rental service like National, you can link your hotel status to that account and they will match it.

So if you're a diamond member with Hyatt or Marriott, some car rental agencies will match that status so you can rent some of their more luxurious models for ridiculously low prices.

Have Better Financial Freedom than Most Celebrities

If you're interested in how to live this lifestyle, join my Credit Stacking mentorship and community.

Learn the hacks and skills you never knew existed so you can live the life you've known you've always wanted.


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