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Exposing Credit Card Hacks With Ryan Pineda

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Can you imagine a binder full of business credit cards?

I was recently a guest on “The Ryan Pineda Show” and had an awesome experience.

Ryan and I discuss all things surrounding business credit cards including:

  • You want to apply for a personal credit card at a high-level bank

  • The elusive “Black Card” and the flex that it is to have one.

  • How to liquidate your debt into cash.

I loved the conversations we were able to have. Ryan asked a lot of great questions.

We start the podcast by talking about the benefits of business cards.

I came prepared and showed him my binder full of the business cards I have.

He was blown away!

As you guys know, I enroll in these business cards for the points and the other benefits that come with the cards.

Especially for those business owners just starting out their own business.

You know I'm a firm believer in, "the more money you can borrow, the more money you can make" because you're able to purchase all the equipment you need to start a business and have that all upfront and make money faster.

Most of you guys know, that I just got my first business credit card a couple of years ago.

My first business credit card limit was $5000. That's incredibly small.

Thankfully, I was able to understand the internal bank rules of the underwriting team, and by reverse-engineering the system, I realized we can optimize our personal profile.

Because of this, I went from having zero business credit cards, to getting approved for half a million dollars in credit in just over one year. I call this process, Credit Stacking. You can do this too!

Here are the two main reasons why you want to get a specific personal credit card:

  1. You build a relationship with that specific grade a bank

  2. Apply for the credit cards that give the high limits.

If you can get a card at a grade a bank (Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.) that also gives you a high limit, you are building a relationship with that bank, so by the time you apply for a business credit card, they’re going to give you more money.

Also, because you have that higher limit, other banks are going to see that and give you a higher limit also.

It was awesome talking to Ryan about the topics we touch on in the Credit Stacking course. It was refreshing to get his perspective on credit, debt, and using both to boost your business.

Be sure to check out the podcast episode here!


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