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Credit Stacking Goes on a Quest: Why Accountability Groups Can Help Fight the Big Boss

Do you play video games?

Even if you don’t or haven’t played in a while, video games can be a great way to wind down and relax.

But they can also be a way to combat any impediments that can disrupt your path towards financial freedom.

Regardless of the game or the gaming device you’re playing on, the overall structure is usually the same:

  • You get a mission or a quest to go on

  • You go search for the clues or items you need

  • You fight some enemies before having to face the boss character at the end

  • You complete the quest and turn it in for your reward

Now, life is by no means a video game, but you can apply some of the strategies gamers use to get through obstacles.

For instance, in large video game environments, players may need to group together in order to face an opponent.

This can be anything from two-player games to multiplayer games played online; the purpose of these cooperation tactics is so players don’t have to fight a strong opponent by themselves.

Credit Stacking Goes on a Quest

So how can we use this analogy for building credit and taking care of bad debt?

Make Use of Accountability Groups to Tackle Your Credit Boss

Let’s take this game idea to that of using credit stacking to help conquer your personal credit big boss.

Think of your financial journey in these terms:

Just like in a video game, you can sometimes do these things by yourself, but it can be difficult doing it alone.

That’s where accountability groups come in.

For my Credit Stacking students, we have accountability groups that are there to help, support, and encourage each other.

More than just encouragement, students will showcase their successes, but also tips and tricks they’ve learned as they went on their own credit or credit repair journey.

In a video game, each character has specific abilities that can aid in your fight against the enemies.

In my course, each of my students has specific knowledge, skills, or insight that can aid you as you learn more and travel through your own credit journey.

Along with students, I have a support team that also reaches out to all of our students, and of course, I’m available to help teach and guide.

Guys, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out and getting help, especially if you aren’t sure where to start.

Definitely, if you want to learn the most efficient and effective ways to build up your personal credit and access business, then sign up for my Credit Stacking course with this Fast Pass application.

It takes about 5 minutes or less and you’ll be able to see if Credit Stacking is right for you.

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