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Credit Stacking Can Help You Fight Inflation

Credit Stacking Can Help You Fight Inflation

Are you ready to stop pinching pennies and anxiously waiting for your boss to give you a raise?

As of writing this blog, the United States Federal Reserve increased interest rates again. For most Americans, this is going to be a stressful time that will only increase the pressure most are facing.

Inflation can also be a nightmare or even an indefinite delay for entrepreneurs who hope to start a new business.

The increase in inflation is a tactic to combat the boiling real estate market, adding a second wave of pressure on people's budgets.

Right now, people are depending on cash for spending power, and finding less and less of it.

If you want to stay ahead of the ballooning inflation rates, you need to pop the stigmas you have surrounding credit.

Credit Is King

There are things outside of our control that will affect inflation rates. The invasion in Ukraine, a worldwide pandemic, and much more.

The best way to expect the unexpected is to not play the game by the classic rules.

Rather than building an empire on disposable income, capitalize on building credit and using it as liquid cash.

What I mean by that is taking advantage of your spending limits on your credit cards. So if you get a credit card with a $200,000 spending limit and 0% interest, you have all that power to use that money towards investing in your business, real estate, and more.

I was recently a guest on David Meltzer's podcast where we discussed this very concept.

I know this seems irresponsible and insane, but you wouldn't be doing that with a debit card.

You would be using a business credit account.

How to Get Access to a Business Credit Account?

A few years ago, I was struggling to get businesses up and running. I had a few that were making money, but nothing that was staying afloat in the long term.

I was so wrapped up in paying off interest from the money I borrowed from people I was hardly making a profit. And this was all before inflation.

I was getting denied by banks for the loans I requested, but even if I was able to get approved, the interest rates were through the roof. I figured there was something I was missing.

It turns out, I was in the wrong mentality on how to fund a business. I started studying and learning the secret rules the banks use to decide whether or not to approve you for a loan.

I took the information I learned and put it into practice. After a little more than a year, I got approved for $500,000 in business credit with 0% interest.

I was then able to liquidate the money from that spending limit and use it towards other investments I didn't have the cash for. I was using my debit responsibly since business credit does not get reported on your score.

Learn the Hacks, Survive the Inflation

If you're an entrepreneur who wants to scale your business the same way I did, come join the Credit Stacking community. It's inflation-proof.

It's been tried and tested by our 1000 students who have reached financial freedom in a matter of months. Put your worries and your anxieties at ease by creating another source of income by hacking be bank through Credit Stacking.


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