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Coming Soon to the Credit Stacking Course!

Whether you are a current or future student of Credit Stacking, I have some exciting news for you!

We are updating and adding more content to the course!

It is still a seven-week course, but we are adding more essential information to the different courses.

New Changes to Week One: Understand Credit Stacking

The Credit Stacking course begins with a week that's more focused on getting yourself in the right mindset.

Financial freedom begins with having the right mindset. If you struggle to believe you can boost your credit score, claim tens of thousands of dollars in business credit, or fund your next big idea then you won't.

You have to believe it in your mind before you get there with your accounts.

In week one, we also discuss the essentials of credit. The course changes and additions include:

  • Credit Stacking Source

  • Coaching Call Etiquette

Changes to Week Two: Building Your Credit Defense

Week two is an important one because we go into detail about how to set yourself up for success.

The course changes and additions include:

  • Removing Fraud Alerts

  • Credit Analysis Game Plan

  • Credit Analysis Submission

  • Consolidating Debt: Access to Paid Trade Lines

Dealing with your personal line of credit and where you stand with the bank is a fundamental aspect of being a successful Credit Stacker.

If you're able to have a good relationship with the bank – and it matters which bank – and remove any erroneous marks on your account, you set yourself up for better success in receiving a higher spending limit for your business account.

That will allow you to have more credit to work with so you can move your cash to other channels in your business and get a major head start on your business.

Changes to Week Three: Which Credit Card is the Best Card?

Week three is focused on cards and card limits.

Everyone knows the superficial aspects of credit cards but this is where you learn the hacks and tricks to become a Credit Stacking pro!

Course changes and improvements here are:

  • Auto Pay Reminder

  • Applying for 2nd Credit Cards

  • Moving Limits

  • High Limit Personal Credit Cards

I'll go over some of my favorite banks, what cards to apply for with those banks, and making more money with your cards.

This is where the course gets exciting. I'm pumped we're able to make needed changes and updates this week because it's an ever-changing machine.

Changes to Week Four: Business Credit Mastery

The last changes we're updating to the course are in week four.

Week four is even more exciting than week three because we take everything we learned about personal credit and take it to the next level by discussing business credit.

Business credit is very hard to get, and I'll be sharing with you the tricks and skills I used to see the success I've had.

Course changes and improvements to this week are:

  • Prioritizing Strongest Entity

  • Liquidating Credit Cards (part 2)

  • Amex Business Cards

While the content isn't difficult to understand, I'd still encourage you to take diligent notes. Getting a good grip on this week will set you up for success as an entrepreneur and with the final three weeks in the course.

Become a Credit Stacking Pro

These course changes are just a fraction of the content we have available in the course. There are a lot of fun and exciting things to go over.

I went from having zero dollars in business credit to being approved for $500,000 in a little more than a year. This is possible and we will do it together in our community. Get in the right mindset, and enjoy the benefits of stacking your credit.

I'll see you in the updated course!


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