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Choosing Your Next Credit Card

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

OK, so now that we've gone through some of the top credit cards, in the game, you now need to determine, how to choose your next credit card.

Every time I recommend cards to people, I base my recommendations on what cards will give people the best benefits like travel rewards, points, and sign-up bonuses.

But also, you want to be sure you're getting approved for credit cards that give high limits and build your relationship with that bank.

Personally, I think it's super impactful to have two chase cards, one American Express, and the third bank with great personal and business benefits.

In an ideal world, Chase Sapphire Reserve, American Express, and Bank of America cash rewards are just a few of the cards I'd suggest.

Those cards are all known to give exceptionally high limits and spreading the amount over multiple banks.

They also give you the ability to build a relationship with each of those banks on the personal side, which will help you on the business side.

One of the mistakes I made in my credit journey, was getting too much credit with Chase on the personal side.

While that was great with my personal relationship with Chase, it restricted me from getting a lot of business credit at Chase compared to the business credit that other banks have given me.

Looking back on it and after coaching other people in credit throughout the years, I've really figured out that it's best to spread your personal credit across multiple banks. Don't just stack it with one specific bank.

So, while I enjoy using my chase cards, there is a lot of value in a personal card with other banks like American Express.

Because these banks have different rules (Chase 524 for example), you need to be strategic about how you want to go about signing up for your next card.

When you consider what cards you want, you always want to think about the benefits.

Look at the different cards and different sign-up bonuses and see what's going to give you the most benefits.

I know I keep saying it, but it's true. Whatever card will give you the most value is the card you should be getting.

Those are the two main points I want to emphasize:

  • Get a card with good benefits

  • Get high spend/high limit

  • Get a card with good personal credit so you are set up for good business credit.

There are cards out there that have good personal credit but fail to compare the business benefits from business credit. Make sure that when you invest in your second card, you're setting yourself up for a good business card too.

There are more cards I would consider for your second card and cards I'd recommend avoiding. If you'd like to know what those cards are, sign up for the Credit Stacking course!

While these blogs are great, this is only the superficial guide to building your business credit. The Credit Stacking course is here to help you reach your full potential no matter what part of your credit journey you're on.


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