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Answering the Web’s most searched questions pt.5

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little annoyed.

It took me more than a year to learn this stuff, but they never taught it to me in college or high school.

Why did my school have "Algebra 2" and not a "Credit 101" class?

Well, good thing you have me to help answer more of your questions. Let's get started.

Which credit cards pay for global entry?

Global entry is a pass that allows you to skip the long lines at customs, when flying back to the US. It is, normally, an extra fee without the right credit card.

The two cards I suggest to people to help pay for global entry are the Chase Sapphire Reserve and American Express Business Platinum.

Again, you need to access the global entry perk on their website. Once you do, you are set to save yourself time and money when traveling.

Check out the link to another blog I wrote at the bottom of the page to get more tips and tricks.

Why is credit important?

From a superficial view, credit and your credit score are what give you purchasing power. Say, for example, you want to get a car with a lower monthly payment, or even qualify for a loan, you will need a good credit score.

It's somewhat of an indicator for the bank to know how trustworthy you are with other people's money. How reliable are you in paying off your debts, and can you be trusted with more?

Most entrepreneurs aren't taking advantage of the business credit system, yet a whole world of credit is not being utilized. But when you learn how to use it, you can scale your business, without a high-interest loan from the bank.

My Credit Stacking mentorship helps entrepreneurs get the funding they need for their next big idea. And we also teach them how to "hack" the system and get the most funding from the bank.

Don't worry, we are not teaching you how to rob a bank. This is just a workaround system the bank doesn't advertise.

I know credit can be a misunderstood topic, but for the Credit Stacking community, we teach how to use business credit and debt responsibly.

Can a 600 credit score get me a credit card?

To be honest, if you search long enough, you can find a credit card no matter what your score is. But just because you can get one doesn't mean you should.

In my Credit Stacking mentorship, I teach you skills you can apply to improve your credit score. Once you can do that, the door opens up for you to apply for credit cards, with legitimate benefits and reward systems.

To join the Credit Stacking mentorship, we encourage people to have a 650 or higher credit score. That is sufficient enough for people to get started with the right cards.

For any lower score, we'd encourage people to do their best to improve their score.

Rather than grabbing low-hanging fruit for the sake of establishing your credit, put forth the effort to rebuild your credit score.

Don't take the easy route your high school took, by teaching you useless stuff, instead of real-life financial skills. Join the Credit Stacking community and get started building your own financial freedom today.


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