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Answering the Web’s Most Searched Questions About Credit Cards Pt.2

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Are you exhausted ‘Googling’ for answers to your plaguing questions about how to get high-limit credit cards… and still don’t know the answers?

There are too many people out there, claiming to be credit card experts, and too many more people with unanswered, legit questions about credit cards. And I don’t want to add to the confusion.

But today I really want to address some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding credit. The focus of this blog is about questions surrounding the word "why.”

Why Are Credit Cards Bad?

Personally, I think they are actually life-changing! There's nothing "bad" about credit cards.

What's "bad" is a combination of poor spending habits, a lack of financial freedom, and high-interest rates.

Credit Stacking teaches you how to unlock the power that comes, from getting the right credit cards and learning the right spending habits. We help our students get approved for tens of thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands, in business credit with 0% interest.

That's the perfect situation right there. The key is starting to develop a good relationship with the right banks.

What I mean by that is starting a personal checking account with a bank. Make your payments on time, and build up your personal spending limit on your credit card.

Then, when you open a business account with that same bank, they will be more likely to give you a higher spending limit on your business card because they know you're a responsible spender.

That can also qualify you to get a lower or zero interest rate on the card for the first year.

That's just the beginning, Credit Stacking offers our own relationship managers for our students and aspiring entrepreneurs. So when you’re ready to open your business credit line, you will have an advocate on your side. This coulda $75k spending limit, rather than a $20k spending limit.

Why are Credit Cards Better Than Debit?

This is the right question to ask!

To be brief, credit cards can:

  • Get you faster access to liquid credit to use toward your business and get the most funding possible

  • Collect points for you to be used on travel and restaurants (I pay almost nothing for my trips to Bali and the Maldives)

  • Fix or boost your credit score giving you more spending power and financial freedom

Debit cards are great, especially if you can't qualify for the credit card you want or need to better manage your spending habits.

I have some great recommendations for credit cards you should apply for. I am very particular about my credit cards, not only because of the point benefits I receive but for the spending power I get from them.

As a business owner, I love the freedom from high spending limits because I can use those funds to and liquidate my credit and have more money to build my business faster. Rather than staying on a tight budget, I'm able to scale my business much faster and then use the revenue to pay off any debt.

Why Are Credit Cards Important?

Credit cards are important because they help you build your credit score.

While other financial gurus encourage you to drop credit and pay cash, the "system" is not set up like that anymore.

Cash is great, but credit is king.

It can be a two-edged sword. If your spending habits are out of control and you let your debt build with high interest and do not pay it off, it will ruin you.

Credit Stacking offers tips and tricks to help you build your credit and use proper spending habits to scale your business, fix or improve your credit score, and achieve financial freedom through the right credit cards.

If you're interested in joining the Credit Stacking community or want to learn more about how I, personally, earned $50k in business credit with 0% interest in a little more than a year, check out my case study.

Life is so much better when you have answers to your questions. Come check out Credit Stacking to find the answers you're looking for!


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