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You don’t need to be special to travel the world in luxury. Jack McColl is an entrepreneur who loves traveling and making his points do the work for him. In fact, once he learned about business credit, he stopped waiting in lines, sitting in coach, and staying in standard hotels when he travels. 

You probably haven’t heard of Jack, and that’s OK. 

Learn how to get your “celebrity status” through business credit. 

Travel Unlimited

Staying at a four or five-star hotel may seem like an impossible achievement. Inflation, pandemics, and other compilations make regular travel seem like something that’s only for social media influencers. 


As we said, you don’t need to be someone special to get access to business credit! The trick is being able to capitalize on what the cards offer so you can travel in style. 

Taking advantage of business credit means you can wait in airport lounges, travel in first or business class, and get free upgrades for your hotel rooms. 


Want to stay at the Ritz Carlton for five nights? Do it with business credit cards. 


Some cards will give you tens to hundreds of thousands of points to use on airline miles or hotel points. Plus, those credit cards usually give a high point ratio, sometimes 4:1 or even 12:1 – meaning every dollar you spend on that card gives you 12x points, so spending $100 will reward you 1200 points! 

Another great hack about credit cards is understanding how to utilize 0% interest rates because the last thing you want to be worrying about while you're on vacation is credit card debt. 


So as you use the business cards for your business, let the points stack up to pay for your next trip. 

Jack McColl

However, a lot of that is common knowledge. We’ve all been offered credit cards on an airplane with a point bonus upon activation. 

But did you know there are business credit cards that will help you skip the lines at customs when returning from an international trip? 

What about business credit cards that will let you transfer airline points from one airline to another? Or even upgrading your hotel room on the spot. 

If you want to be able to travel like Jack, check out the free training he offers on his website below. 


See you soon!

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